Hello lovers.

Thanks for popping by!

This space is lovingly dedicated to celebrating sweethearts and darlings, weddings and love festivals.

We are an artsy fartsy, earth-loving wifey and hubby dream team, we share a passion for making pretty pictures, kitchen alchemy and exploring the unexplored.

We share a dream. That dream is to tell photographic stories with meaning.

We dream to tell stories about people in love and love in people….

Stories about family, life, ritual and tradition.

Stories filled with spontaneity, serenity and good vibes. 

Stories that will remain alive when today becomes tomorrow.



about us

Sonja Sipala and Jgor Cavallina


Both have been enchanted by far away lands… From Cuba to Morocco, Senegal and Haiti… 

Sonja once said that she would leave home (Australia) for one year…. A little older, a little wiser, she returned after four in good company, Jay left home (Italy) with similar intentions in 2009...  He still hasn't returned and Australia is now their little love nest

The little birds still enjoy spreading their wings, flying when the wind is favourable looking for new exciting stories to tell… 

Jay is a pretty punny guy… a lover, a joker, an explorer and a dreamer.  
He is an apprentice plant alchemist, a carefree adventurer and a juggling genius who once upon a time, quite seriously considered to join the circus.  

He is a genuine nutcase for everything art and photography. Otherwise he is reasonably sane.

Sonja is as a free styling, free spirit…. a professional kale eater/pusher, life enthusiast and photo philanthropist. 
Her ridiculous sense of smell makes coffee and old books beautiful distractions. 
She believes in magic, wears her heart on her sleeve and unashamedly listens to anything from hip hop to classical music.

So, this is some of us… what is your story?


  This is Leo. He is our Guru.

This is Leo. He is our Guru.

We like adventures and travels

so we decided to live between Australia and Europe following human mating seasons :) ... we are available for awesome weddings and elopements worldwide all year around but we can usually be found in Italy during European summer and in Sydney during Australian summer