our philosophy


Our passion is to capture real love stories and spread love in everything that we do.

We believe in telling true stories rather than made up ones.

We respect your values and traditions and aim to honour them with our images.

We left our masks behind a long time ago and what you see now are our real faces…we like to have fun and be surrounded by good people who contribute in unleashing our creativity.

We believe in friendship and we see ‘our’ couples, families and other clients as friends rather than a job.

We consider it important to make time for long chats with these friends to workshop ideas.

We are conscious humans and earth worshippers and constantly strive to make choices that reflect our beliefs. It's only natural that we extended this into our business.

We have managed to source a bunch of sweet sustainable suppliers so that we can offer some seriously gorgeous environmentally responsible options to our awesome clients. 

You get the point, we love what we do and we do it with love.

S & J