Stacy and Heath…. Where to begin? 

I guess I should begin by saying it was a wedding of pure utter absolute tropical awesomeness. 

The entire day oozed thoughtful details with meaningful stories.

It was awesome. 

The entire day was about them. 

They are awesome. 

It was a simple celebration dedicated to their love and celebrated simply with the people whom they love. Many, travelled from far away lands to be there.

Even the guests were awesome. 

Everything about this couple is seriously awesome. 

And when I say awesome, I mean they once lived alone in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Canada, kinda awesome. 

And when I say awesome, I mean they walked up the aisle all freshly hitched to the throne room song from star wars, kinda awesome.

These guys are living proof that soul mates exist. 

And I think that’s awesome. 

I am grateful to have witnessed and had the chance to capture the union of two beautiful souls. 

Love, goose bumps and beautiful people… Just the way we like it! :)

Oh, and didn’t Stacy look so damn beautiful in her mother's wedding dress?